Wedding Photographer Tuscany

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Wedding Photographer Tuscany

Federico Valenzano

Tuscany wedding Photographer

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If you are looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer Tuscany, get in touch with me! on the following photographs you can check out one of my photoshoots made right in Tuscany, at the Pratello Country Resort, for Lia and Pascal. Lia, very fond of Tuscany, really wished to get married in Italy: to organize their wedding in Italy they relied on the wedding planning agency Yourperfectday Zuring and I worked for them as a photographer.

My experience as a Tuscany Wedding Photographer has been very positive: the excitement of the newlyweds and the guests’ joy have found in the beauty of the place the perfect frame.

If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer Tuscany or in other Italian regions do not hesitate to contact me: I love photographing unique stories in Italy and all around the world. Your wedding in Tuscany will be totally unforgettable!

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