Wedding albums


Capturing each and every moment of your wedding is extremely important and so is organizing all of your beautiful shots in a wedding albums.

Flipping through the pages of an album will be something which reminds you of your special day forever. Think about sharing your memories with your dear ones, generation after generation!

This is why I only offer my clients uncompromising, top-quality design wedding albums.

I love simplicity and my albums are composed with a clean style, avoiding the use of frames or over-the-top effects.

I will assure you a carefully thought out selection of the most beautiful and exciting photos of the wedding on neutral backgrounds because for me, the photos are the focus.

As every couple have their own personal taste I have decided to offer both traditional wedding albums and wedding photo books.

So what is the difference?



Wedding photo books combine different types of print on different types of paper. You can choose among a wide selection of matte, glossy, metal, and pearly photo papers.

While print options are many, I personally recommend the Cotton Rag Fine Art print as it is an excellent quality which gives photos a stunning look.



Traditional wedding albums, instead, can be printed on matte paper or with Cotton Rag Fine Art prints.

For my album I only use the best Italian printing labs for high quality and for a top tier service. I dedicate myself with time and energy to create the best photos possible, thus, for me, it is fundamental that my prints are made on the best material.


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Digital albums



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