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 One, one hundred, one thousand questions? I summarize the most frequently and I’m here to answer.

Where are you from?

My studio is at Alba, but I work all over Italy and abroad

Do you work on your own?

I prefer to realize my services with another esteemed photographer: Lorenzo Poli. Being in two lets us document your marriage more evenly. Two photographers, two ways of seeing, testify from two different perspectives to a unique moment. So we do not have to choose between the exchange of rings and the emotion of the parents!

How many photos will you spread ?!

In a wedding shoot really many photographs but the number does not count! I will select 120/150 and they will tell you about your sweet love story. My job is not to deliver as many pictures as possible, but to witness an unforgettable day with adequate sensitivity.

How do I book a service?

It is possible to book the service by email or phone, paying a deposit, obviously after verifying my availability for the given date. If distance allows, I prefer to meet you, to know your expectations, explain my style and show some work done. If we are far away, however, today technology allows us to know through skype etc ... distance is never a problem!

Who will select the images to use for the album?

If you choose the Photolibro, I will propose a layout made by myself (pdf); Next, together, we will decide whether to keep this setting or replace some photos. If you choose the Traditional Album, I will recommend the best photos to insert.

How long will you give us the job?

4/8 months will be needed for delivery of the material, but after a few weeks from the wedding you will be able to see your online shot

Can we reprint the photos freely?

Sure! I will give you a USB stick containing all the photos of the wedding in high resolution, so you can rename them where you like. On request, I can make: photographic prints, fine art prints, photo frames, photo panels and more.

How do we organize them on the wedding day?

If you have any special requests, tell me no problem. For example, please tell me relatives and friends who are particularly dear to you or moments of the day that you think are essential. Let me know first, so everything will be easier!

What is your photographic style?

It is the Wedding Reportage with some artistic poses. I try to tell in a natural and non-invasive way all the aspects of your day. If you have special needs, to prevent some people from appearing in the photos, go ahead and point to them! I will also make the classic photo with parents / parents / grandmother without problems.

Do you also run videos?

I do not play video, but I can recommend Riccardo Lavezzo Wedding Films: he is really good! Because remember … a complete reproduction of the ceremony, from beginning to end, with eternal film, is unthinkable. His works, however, are really wonderful.

How long will you stay at the wedding?

To tell the whole day, I can attend the Wedding 10 hours, from the preparation of the bride to the evening. If my stay is required for more than 10 hours, a 150 euro / h fare will be charged. I recommend … remember me at the restaurant, for lunch or dinner. Otherwise, my energy will be less!

When do I have to book the service?

It is always better to book the service at least 8 months before the scheduled date, both to win the day and to organize ourselves calmly.

What are the costs of travel?

Please contact me to evaluate them together, because they depend on many factors. In principle, there is no additional charge if the distance is less than 100 km (round trip) from Alba, otherwise you will be charged for the charges (fuel, motorway taxes and any overnight stay). There is also the possibility to take advantage of Real Wedding, with second photographer.

What happens if others make photos during the wedding?

Nothing, we would miss it! It is only important that they use good sense and do not interfere with my work.

Do you also post post production and retouch your photos?

All the photographs you submit are handled in terms of brightness and contrast. I do not retouch the wrinkles and do not lift. This is because my work does not consist in performing a fashion service, but in telling, in her true beauty, your marriage.