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It is always amazing when a couple after making me carry out the reportage of your wedding, call me to document other special moments of their lives together.

I carry out photo shoots dedicated to pregnancy, newborns, babies and families.


It is very important for me to know the couples whom I will make the wedding photo shoot and the best way is to spend some hours together implementing an “engagement” photo shoot!

In this way, we will go beyond the simple knowledge getting to know the dynamics of a photo shoot and acquaint yourself with the camera!

It is very important for both you and the photographer. In this way, you will know what is going to happen the day of your wedding and you will be much more calm and relaxed. Furthermore, you will have unique and original engagement photos that you can use as invitation or can you can show them the day of the wedding!

Each shoot should comply perfectly with your way to be and that is why I will welcome each unique and original proposal.
It is possible to carry out a photo shoot at the seaside, on the mountain or in any place special for you, for example the place where the marriage proposal was made!


There are several special moments in our lives and together with the wedding, one of these is the pregnancy!
I carry out pregnancy photo shoots, to remember the time expecting your baby with delicate and artistic photos.
The pregnancy photo shoot can be carried out both at home or outdoor! The perfect place, for example, is an evocative landscape at sunset when the delicate and golden light helps realizing unique and strong impact photos!

I am open to every original proposal to carry out a unique pregnancy photo shoot.
Details make the difference and that is why I am willing to plan with you a maternity photo shoot in all particulars; the result will be artistic, delicate and original pregnancy photos.
It is good to plan the pregnancy photo shoot since the first days so you can assure a certain date. We will make it in the last weeks of the pregnancy.


I love wedding photos as well as I love newborns photo shoots.

It is amazing to photograph newborns: carrying out artistic photos of these small creatures in their first days of life taking care of all the details making each shoot unique, is exciting!

A newborns photo shoots can be a perfect idea for an original and precious gift that will remain forever!

You can contact me in the first weeks of pregnancy in order to ensure a date for the shoot.

It is important to carry out the photos of the newborns when they are 7 to 10 days old. In this way, the baby will sleep soundly and will be in a foetal position making it easier to make a newborn photo shoot.


The aspect I love most of my job is catching emotions of people carrying out unique and intense photography. That is why I carry out together with wedding photography family photo shoots. I prefer shooting families outdoor for example in a flowering field or in a patch of corn or in any place you love which has a particular meaning for you.

My photos has to reflect your way to be! I will welcome enthusiastically each particular and original proposal! The goal is to make personal and unique photos made specifically for you. Realize family photo shoots is a unique and funny experience that can turn into an appreciated and original gift!


Babies are spontaneous, lively; unfiltered… that is why I love to photograph babies.

Shooting babies, each photo is full of life and spontaneity.
I carry out babies photo shoots outdoor for a unique and original result. You can choose the most representing place, either at home or at the playground, on the grass… I welcome each request to carry out particular and original photos. The result will be surely magnificent.

It is important to carry out the photo shoot at sunset when the light is particularly delicate and warm. This will help obtaining perfect and strong impact photos