Best wedding photographer in Turin, Italy

Best wedding photographer in Turin, Italy

Live the best moments of your life and record it for happy nostalgia by hiring the service of the best wedding photographer in Turin, Italy.
With the magnificent Alps rising from its northwest side, engulfing the city otherwise dominated by the equally enchanting baroque buildings and old cafes; Turin – the main city of Piedmont in northern Italy, makes up for a wedding of your dreams. While these dreamy moments can only be lived once, it can be cherished as many times as you would like by taking advantage of the art of Photography.

Based just outside of Turin, in Alba, Federico Valenzano is one of the best the best photographer in Turin.


With years of experience of photographing the most romantic moments of people’s lives, Federico has a portfolio full of authenticity, spontaneity, artistic and technical qualities. He is a master of his art, with a driven enthusiasm to play and experiment with different techniques to push the boundaries of his craft and deliver a unique set of photos every time.

Federico approaches each wedding with sensibility to the environment of the wedding. So, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor venue, he adjusts to his surroundings and brings out the best. The brilliant natural light and the mesmerizing atmosphere of Turin also helps, as he values originality over using any composition props. With a keen eye that can spot the most dramatic expressions, even in a crowd, your wedding photos by Federico would be great because of you, not because of any artificial techniques or decorations.


Italian Wedding Photographer in Turin

Born and bred in Italy, Federico brings a unique sense of his place and expresses them with his innate talent of photography. A continuity to the Italian heritage of art and culture, Federico found his love for photography at a very early stage of his life. Enabled by his father who bought him his first camera, he was taken aback by its ability to get him closer to the reality. Since then, he has spent his entire life in learning and practicing the craft of photography.
In photographing a wedding, he brings both the essence of his cultural upbringing and the elegance of his great Italian heritage, and then turn them into a global expression of realism, love, and natural human expressions. He spends a lot of time in getting to know the persons, and then use it to capture the dramas and stories of the wedding.
Federico is open to travel, and has already shot in some great Italian locations, including Portofino,  Como Lake, Verona, Tuscany, Amalfy costa like Sorrento,Lombardy, etc. He also travels abroad if you want to add a bit of Italian class to your international wedding.

Wedding Locations in Turin

Due to the abundance of architectural grandeur and the delights of the nature, Turin is filled with many great wedding venues. Whether you want to marry like a princess, a farmhouse lady, or a chic, trendy aristocrat, you can always find a historic castle, a country estate, or an urban convention centre. Two of our recommended venues are:
Castello Saffarone: Perfect for the people with a sophisticated taste, this quaint, historic castle offers a regal ambience for your dream day. Featuring mostly some authentic 19th century architecture, a few buildings of this estate date back to 1580.
Relais for Wedding: If you are planning for an outdoor wedding in the summer, Relais for a wedding in the countryside is the best option in Turin. Located right at the heart of Piedmont countryside, this venue is surrounded by great landscapes of historical values. They also have a few indoor halls with different capacities.

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